Our specialties

The firm is dedicated to companies operating in the maritime sector and transportation business or dealing with them. We advise and assist you in analysing, drafting and modifying legal documentation in the following areas:

Maritime law, customs duties and transportation law

Flag regulation, international conventions on maritime spaces and shipowners' liability. Registration of vessel mortgage, conservatory seizure of vessels, drafting of bills of lading.

Business law, banking and anti-trust law

Creation or acquisition of corporations, setting up of joint venture companies, reviewing of documentary credits, issuing banking guarantees, conclusion of loan agreements, legal recovery of due and payables.

Insurance law

Purchasing insurance policies in Hull and Machinery, construction of P&I Clubs' rules.

Domestic and international contracts

Time charter parties or voyage charter parties, shipbuilding contracts, general conditions of sale for transportation companies.

Pre-litigation, litigation and arbitration

Constitution of the claiming file, assessment of claimable damages.

Contract management

Follow-up of a contract throughout its performance period, drafting of guidelines for parties to perform the contract.